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International Student Admission Requirements for Germany

Financial Help

International students, especially non EU students have to show how they are going to finance their stay during their period of studies. For that they need to provide proof of financial resources called “Finanzierungsnachweis”. In most cases, you are required to include this document with your visa application. At the latest, you will need it when you apply for a residence permit.

This Finanzierungsnachweis can be submitted in various ways.

At present, foreign students must prove they have at least 7,908 euro per year at their disposal (about 670 euro per month).

Proof of financial resources can be provided in any of the below ways:

  • Applicant can submit a bank guarantee (or)
  • Parents can submit verified documents or documents certifying their financial assets and income (or)
  • A resident in Germany provides the Aliens’ Registration Office a guarantee to cover your expenses (or)
  • Applicant should receive a scholarship from a recognized scholarship provider (or)
  • A security payment is deposited into a blocked account.

Be sure to enquire at the German embassy in your country as to which form of financial proof is required.

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