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Admission Criteria for MS in Germany, Eligibility for MS in Germany for Indian Students, Masters Degree / Ms in Germany Eligibility and Basic Requirements

Admission Criteria

To determine whether the applicant’s higher education entrance qualification will be recognized in Germany or not, enter the applicant’s country name, where they received their certificate in DAAD online admission database.

It will then inform you whether you are eligible for a direct university admission (or) only for a subject-restricted study or for a combination. This is subject to the proofs they submit.

The DAAD online admission database only provides a general overview. The website of the anabin (German only) can give you in detailed and vast information.

Generally, candidates must either submit a work portfolio or pass an aptitude test.

But in rare cases, gifted applicants may get admission for artistic degree programmes without a higher education entrance qualification.

Ultimately, the university has all the rights to say the final word about your admission. Therefore, enquire at the international office about your University’s admission requirements before you apply.

Once you got the offer letter from the University, one needs to enroll or register. Those who register can only attend the courses at the University. It also enables to access all the facilities like sports grounds and computer rooms.

Hence it would be better to enquire at the international office for all the required documents need to carry on the enrollment day.

After getting enrolled, University will give a written confirmation of the same, which serves as a student Identification card. Student has to enroll for each and every term.

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