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Permanent Residency Permit

Blue Card holders will be issued with a settlement permit after three years, if they are still employed. If a Blue Card holder is proficient in B1 level German language skills, it entitles him to have the settlement permit after two years. University graduates shall be entitled a residence permit for six months provided they can secure their livelihood by working for 120 full days, or 240 half days, jointly with their course of study.

Immigration to Germany is still limited to skilled workers (individuals with either a university or polytechnic degree or minimum three years of training), students and at the most their immediate family members.

Germany immigrates in three ways:

  • Visa (validity of up to 90 days),
  • Residence permit, and
  • Settlement permit.

Work permits – if granted – are no longer issued independently but included within the immigration title and are available for foreigners.

Germany does not favor immigration without cause, enrolment with a school or university is necessary. Have a specific job offer which meets the requirements of one of the work permit categories.

However, the person has to go through certain formalities.

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